2007-04-26 : Letter : We need to ban all private guns


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2007-04-26 : Letter : We need to ban all private guns

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2007-05-04 07:09

The Witness Thur 26 April 2007

We need to ban all private guns

Peter Moss (The Witness, April 23) takes every opportunity to
oppose gun control of any sort. Deaths by guns in private hands
— whether by suicide, domestic violence, insanity, or even crime
— are apparently acceptable casualties and should not stop all
of us having the right to carry weapons for our self defence.
Now the killing of 32 people on Virginia Tech campus in the
United States recently is being used to justify his belief that
we should all carry weapons secreted on our persons.

Moss believes that criminals and the mentally disturbed cannot
be legislated into responsible behaviour. No need for laws,
prisons or mental institutions for the criminally insane.
Instead, when they misbehave, he implies, we should just shoot
them. My question is, who gets in the first shot, or does
everybody shoot, and who dies in the crossfire?

Fortunately I do not live in his fearful world and therefore
have no need to carry a secreted weapon. In my world the
majority of people are law-abiding and respect and trust each
other. Of course we need laws and rules to control people,
weapons, motor cars and all the things we use that can cause
death or injury. I am happy South Africa has brought in gun
control but believe it should go even further with a total ban
on guns in private hands. If they had such a law in the United
States, 32 people at Virginia Tech would still be teaching or
furthering their studies. If Moss had his way, everybody would
carry weapons and gun crime would surely then become more
frequent and easier to commit as even criminals would have the
right to bear arms. As guns make little people feel big and
powerful, we would surely also help to create an even larger
criminal class.

What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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Postby wrm » Fri, 2007-05-04 07:36

Aaah yes, the classical hand-wringing emotional argument.

If [...] then *surely* it would lead to [...].

No facts required.

Mike Wills and John Maytham on 567 Cape Talk are both guilty of this : "*Surely* there must be something we can do!".

Roughly translated it means "I have no clue, but I don't like your solution, even if you can prove that it works".
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Postby GOSA » Fri, 2007-05-04 08:27


Count the bodies

The advocates of gun control like Bob Blackwell (The Witness 26
April) do not count the bodies of dead victims heaped on the
alter of gun control like those of Virginia Tech as a complete
failure to make them safe.

The State and law did not protect the 32 who died in a gun free
zone to prove again that gun control just does not work. Cho
Seung-Hui's mental problems were known to the school and police
a year before the shooting.

Blackwell, a typical gun control advocate refuses to accept that
the only instances where these massacres, all in gun free zones,
were abruptly stopped was not by the police but some person at
the scene who had access to a gun. That it was brave private
individuals that prevented further killing. Without a gun, they
would have had to watch or run and hide.

Removing guns from law-abiding citizens to punish them for the
acts of criminals and maniacs must rank as the most repressive
and oppressive action man and governments have yet devised. To
do this in the totally idiotic belief that it will somehow
rehabilitate criminals prevent crime or deprive criminals of
guns, shows how thoughtless and unreasoned gun control really

P Moss
What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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