2015-03-11: Scrap gun summit


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2015-03-11: Scrap gun summit

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2015-03-11 11:11

THE GOVERNMENT is again wasting our taxes, by holding the March 24-25 firearms summit with the portfolio committee on police and the Civilian Secretariat for Police.

According to Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe, "the main objective is to ensure that we reduce the ownership of arms in SA".

The latest figures released by Statistics SA show very clearly that firearms are used in only 1.7% of assault-related deaths, which works out to only about 0.1734% of non- natural deaths and about 0.01734% of all deaths nationally.

More interesting is that, of these assault-related deaths, the top cause, at 85.1%, is "sharp-object related".

It would appear that a police sharp object summit would be of far greater benefit to all South Africans.

A "firearm control system" initially costing R42m has turned into about R412m. With possibly billions more being squandered on a law that clearly has done nothing to curb crime, one would think the Civilian Secretariat for Police should conduct an audit of the Firearms Control Act.

Charl van Wyk
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