2006-11-20 : Robbed in city

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2006-11-20 : Robbed in city

Postby GOSA » Tue, 2006-11-21 10:23


Robbed in city

November 20, 2006 Edition 1

As language students from the Czech Republic, my wife and I would have liked to have enjoyed our time seeing a lot of tourist attractions in and around Cape Town.

Your country is really beautiful and people here are very polite and friendly. But unfortunately I have to say a few words about a traumatic experience we had in the city.

My wife and I were attacked at midday and robbed in the area between the Cape Town Station and the Golden Acre by a gang of about six people in the street.

This occurred in full view of other members of the public, some of whom were seated at a nearby restaurant. Nobody moved or tried to help us. There were no police anywhere. Even the security guard ignored us.

It would be to Cape Town's advantage to increase the number of policemen on the streets, especially since the World Cup will take place in 2010.

If you do not attend to the lack of policemen and security, people from abroad will be afraid to visit such a beautiful country.

Jiri Marzoll
Czech Republic
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