2006-11-17 : Gun-free unreality

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2006-11-17 : Gun-free unreality

Postby GOSA » Tue, 2006-11-21 10:22


Gun-free unreality

November 17, 2006 Edition 1

I have been following the anti-gun lobby in South Africa for some time, and I cannot believe that there are still people, in this day and age, who really believe that making this country gun-free is going to bring the death toll down.

Admittedly, the incidence of gun attacks in homes is on the increase, but then again, so is the incidence of any other type of violence such as spousal abuse, rape, etc.

Why focus only on the statistics of gun-use?

I go to sleep at night wondering if my family will still be safe and sound when morning breaks. I have security gates, armed response and all the other burglar deterrents. I like to think that these will restrain a burglar from deciding to break into my house.

But we all know that anyone can get into any house, if they really want to. What I do know, is that any potential burglar cannot be certain that I do not have a weapon ready, waiting for him if he does try to get in.

Imagine if this deterrent was taken away, and all potential burglars knew for a fact that nobody had legal weapons.

What now?

Is he going to pause for thought? Especially if he is armed himself? I think he would rather just break a window, climb in, and force you to surrender whatever he wishes to take, or make you do.

The time to talk of a gun-free South Africa is not now, but rather once we have brought crime under control, and can again afford to sleep with our doors unlocked.

Respect for the law is the biggest deterrent of all, and respect for the law comes when you are aware and afraid of the consequences of your action if you break such laws.

Andre Ackermann
What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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