Strong opposition as firearm amendment bill is tabled <br> (was<br>
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Strong opposition as firearm amendment bill is tabled

Postby GOSA » Thu, 2006-06-08 10:10

Strong opposition as firearm amendment bill is tabled
June 8, 2006

By Boyd Webb

The long awaited Firearm Control Amendment Bill has been tabled in
parliament despite strong opposition.

Among other amendments, the bill seeks to extend the period of licences
held by those dealing in firearms. It has also taken a more lenient
approach to firearm collectors, no longer limiting their stock.

But it does require that all "prohibited" and "restricted" firearms in
the possession of registered collectors be made inoperable.

Assistant commissioner of the police's legal division, Philip Jacobs,
said business licences for game ranching and hunting had been extended
from five to 10 years and the licences of dealers, manufacturers and
gunsmiths to five years.

The bill - deemed too soft by the anti-gun lobby - also removes the
restrictions placed on the number of shots a semi-automatic shotgun may
fire in succession. This was after shottists complained that the act
prevented them from competing in international sporting events.

But Democratic Alliance MP Roy Jankielsohn, whose Free State
constituency has strongly contested the bill, said it no longer
recognised licences issued under the old act.

He said this would add to the backlog and stress placed on the staggered
licensing process that has already required ministerial intervention to
postpone the first deadline.
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