2007-10-17 : Letter : Too much moralising

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2007-10-17 : Letter : Too much moralising

Postby GOSA » Tue, 2007-11-06 07:08


Too much moralising

October 17, 2007 Edition 1

The Mark Kleinschmidts of South Africa must take responsibility for missing
the boat and urging the government to chase guns instead of violent
criminals ("Wrong message sent", October 15).

It is small wonder that crime is out of control in South Africa, and even
in war-torn countries one is safer.

The police are misdirected and are wasting huge resources on harassing
licensed firearm owners while violent criminals are excused and
responsibility for their crimes is conveniently shifted to law-abiding
people who own or use firearms for shooting.

South Africa needs a concerted effort to put criminals permanently behind
bars when they senselessly rape, rob or murder without remorse rather than
have busy-body moralists pointing fingers of blame at guns.

P Moss

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