2007-04-13 : Cop gunned down in broad daylight

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2007-04-13 : Cop gunned down in broad daylight

Postby GOSA » Thu, 2007-04-19 08:09


Cop gunned down in broad daylight

April 13 2007 at 04:29AM

By Wesley April

Detective Inspector Lourens le Roux, the father of two teenage girls, had just parked his unmarked police vehicle outside Woodstock police station when a red BMW stopped alongside and the passenger jumped out and fired a volley of shots - critically wounding the 39-year-old in the head and stomach.

Paramedics rushed to the scene, but Le Roux died of injuries shortly after he was admitted to hospital.

After they had sent counsellors to support Le Roux's family at their Goodwood home, police launched a manhunt for the killers.

'The motive is still unknown'

The BMW was found abandoned in Mitchells Plain shortly after the attack in broad daylight on Thursday afternoon.

Le Roux's wife and children were deeply traumatised and could not be interviewed.

Police have remained tightlipped about the motive for the shooting, saying they would investigate "all possibilities" and police spokesperson Randall Stoffels would not speculate about a media report that Le Roux's killing was related to a sensitive murder case the detective had investigated.

"We have launched a search for the perpetrators and all possibilities will be investigated. The motive is still unknown," Stoffels said.

Piet Viljoen, head of the police's Serious and Violent Crime Unit, declined to comment on the incident.

'I received the news with deep, deep sadness' The mood at Woodstock police station was sombre on Thursday night. A tearful Woodstock police spokesperson Louisa Wheeler-Fourie said Le Roux was a fine detective and "a dedicated and a real hard worker. He had so much respect for his colleagues. He was a friendly person and very well liked at the station".

Community Safety MEC Leonard Ramatlakane said: "I received the news with deep, deep sadness. I take this opportunity... to offer our deepest condolences to his family, children and wife. This is a barbaric act and I condemn it.

"I have no doubt that police will hunt down the killer and arrest him. People who kill police officers are enemies of the state and of our people."

Ramatlakane called on the community and any witnesses to the shooting to assist the police in their hunt for Le Roux's murderer.

Woodstock Community Policing Forum public relations officer Brian Gray said: "This is like a declaration of war. You don't just drive up to police station and shoot a detective. We are shocked, we don't know why he was shot.

"It is absolutely atrocious and uncivilised. The people who have done this must be brought to justice."

Earlier curious bystanders and Woodstock residents gathered around the cordoned-off Cavendish Street crime scene.

Resident Esau Jones, 69, said he was chatting to a neighbour when the shooting occurred.

"I was standing here outside, but I can't tell you nothing, I just heard shots and we had to duck behind walls. We ducked for cover and everything happened so quickly. It was not even a minute," Jones said.

Another Woodstock resident, who did not want to be named as she was concerned about her safety, said she heard the shots and then saw the red BMW speeding away towards Woodstock's Lower Main Road.

The suspects are still at large and Woodstock police have opened a case of murder.

Anyone with information can contact CrimeStop on a share call at 08600 10111.

o This article was originally published on page 1 of Cape Times on April 13, 2007
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Postby GOSA » Thu, 2007-04-19 08:10

Lourens le Roux was one of the good guys. He took pride in his work and
did things for the right reasons. He had courage and determination in
the face of adversity and served in the SAPS for the greater good of all.

It's a terrible way to go, and it is definitely not the way that Lynette
or the kids wanted to live the rest of their lives - without a husband
and a father.

It's not right. It's not fair. I feel powerless against this scourge

Our families spent every Christmas day together for the last 5 years.
We'll miss your potjies, and we'll miss you, Lourens!

Our prayers are with the rest of the family.

What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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