2007-04-09 : Letter : SA's murder shame

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2007-04-09 : Letter : SA's murder shame

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2007-04-11 08:20

SA's murder shame

April 09, 2007 Edition 1


As a Canadian on holiday here, I was watching SABC news when the announcer revealed facts that just about blew me off my chair - that South Africa averages 50 murders a day.

I could not believe this figure so I did some quick internet checking and found facts that should make your country ashamed.

South Africa suffers about 500 murders per million population - second only to Colombia. The gun-toting US has 45 murders per million while countries such as Australia and Canada are down in the 15 per million range.

Your leaders must be crazy to think this is acceptable. So what is an acceptable figure? That is up to South Africans to decide. But to even cut this number by half will take a gigantic effort by the entire nation.

My gut feeling is that your leaders do not seem concerned with this crisis and that some of your judges are much more sympathetic to the criminals than victims.

South Africans should hold their leaders' feet to the fire on the crime issue. You certainly have lots of other issues on the table, but the safety and security of all citizens is paramount.

Without a secure state, anarchy could surely run wild and every other issue would be on the back burner.

All one has to do is look around the world today - right next door in your case. This is not rocket science.

If that is where you want South Africa to go, then your leaders are dumber than hammers.

The common folk would be wise to elect other people in the next election - be they black, white or blue.

N Attenhof
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