2007-03-28 : Shooting of intruder could lead to charges

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2007-03-28 : Shooting of intruder could lead to charges

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2007-04-11 07:15


Shooting of intruder could lead to charges

March 28, 2007 Edition 2

AN Oranjezicht man in whose home an intruder was shot dead early
yesterday is waiting for the Senior Public Prosecutor's office to decide
if he should be charged with murder.

The man, 55, had been awakened by noises after 3am, police spokesman
Elliot Sinyangana said.

He told the police he fetched his firearm, confronted the intruder and,
keeping him at gunpoint, phoned the police. While he was making the
call, police were told, the intruder attacked him and the two wrestled.

During the scuffle, a shot went off, wounding the intruder in the chest.
He died soon afterwards.

Sinyangana said a watch belonging to the man was found in the intruder's
pocket. He declined to give more details. - Staff Writer
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