2007-03-02 : Top cop robbed of gun, cash at shopping mall

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2007-03-02 : Top cop robbed of gun, cash at shopping mall

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2007-03-02 10:11

Top cop robbed of gun, cash at shopping mall
Babalo Ndenze
March 02 2007 at 08:49AM

Western Cape Deputy Police Commissioner Ganief Daniels is the fourth senior law enforcement official in the country to fall victim to crime in the past month.

Daniels, who has close to 30 years' experience in the service, was robbed of his briefcase containing his service firearm, personal belongings and about R9 000 in cash at a shopping centre on Thursday.

Police spokesperson Elliot Sinyangana said the incident happened shortly after 9am at N1 City.

"Daniels was at N1 City and he had withdrawn a large sum of money, about R9 000. While walking back to his car in the parking lot two guys accosted him. They came from behind and knocked him off balance and grabbed his briefcase.

"While [he was] trying to maintain his balance the suspects ran off. He then called for help. The thing about suspects running on foot is that it's easier to get away because there are things like short cuts," said Sinyangana.

The suspects are still at large and Daniels suffered no injury.

"A case of robbery has been opened. He was not harmed. The suspects had no knife and no firearm," said Sinyangana.

Police said Daniels could not be interviewed as he was in a provincial commissioners' meeting.

Sinyangana said a report on Daniels' missing firearm would be circulated so police could be on the look-out for it. He said Daniels would not be charged with negligence because he was a victim of crime.

"He was never negligent; the gun was with him all the time. He was not at fault so he can get another firearm," Sinyangana said.

Daniels's mugging follows a burglary at the house of KwaZulu-Natal community safety and liaison MEC Bheki Cele.

Goods worth more than R20 000 were stolen from Cele's Umhlanga home.

Gauteng safety and security MEC Firoz Cachalia and his wife were accosted by two knife-wielding men while taking an evening walk in the gardens at Emmarentia Dam in Johannesburg last week. His wife Nazira's watch and ring were taken, but the couple was not harmed.

National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi's second-in-command, Tim Williams, was also the victim of an attempted armed robbery at his Pretoria home last month. Robbers tried to gain access to his home and, when Williams went to investigate the noise, the men saw him, fired a shot and fled.

Williams has filed a complaint of attempted murder and attempted housebreaking.

* This article was originally published on page 1 of Cape Times on March 02, 2007
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