2007-02-08 : Police told to process gun licences

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2007-02-08 : Police told to process gun licences

Postby GOSA » Tue, 2007-02-20 17:01


February 08, 2007 Edition 1

BLOEMFONTEIN: The high court here has ordered police to stop dragging their feet and to process six firearm licences for a Free State professional hunter.

The police must inform Manny Oelrich of Kukama Wingshooting Safaris at Tweespruit by Friday afternoon of the outcome of his firearm licence applications.

Oelrich battled for eight months to get answers on the progress of his application for licences for six shotguns.

Oelrich claims he lost about R1 million in the past hunting season because he could not accommodate overseas hunters as he did not have licences for shotguns.

Oelrich said in his affidavit he had turned to the court after his questions went unanswered, or answers were contradictory, documents were lost, and wrong information was entered into the database of applications.

Oelrich said the new hunting season starts at the end of February and he has already received bookings - which include the hire of shotguns - from overseas.

The court directed the police to deliver the certificates and licences by next week Friday if the applications were successful. - Sapa
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