2007-02-02 : Gunmen tie up Rosebank couple and ransack their

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2007-02-02 : Gunmen tie up Rosebank couple and ransack their

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2007-02-02 15:44


Gunmen tie up Rosebank couple and ransack their home

February 02, 2007 Edition 2

Wesley April

A ROSEBANK family have been robbed by a group of gun-wielding men who pushed their way into their home last night.

Irina Botha, her daughter, Fran Potgieter and her son-in-law, Jurgen Potgieter, escaped injury, but the house was ransacked.

"When I opened the door at 11pm for a cigarette, I saw about four or five guys coming down the driveway with guns," Mrs Potgieter said. She closed the door, but was not quick enough to lock it.

"They opened the door and flung me against the wall. My husband wrestled with one of them."

The men tied the couple up and ordered Botha to lead them to the safe. Told there was no money, they seized jewellery, cellphones, bank and credit cards and what cash they could find. "They threatened to torture (Botha) if she did not give them correct pin numbers."

They ransacked the house and packed electronic items in the entrance hall, then demanded car keys. They chose a 4x4 but, after triggering the alarm, they left on foot.
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