2007-01-22 : Gang attack: braai erupts into shootout

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2007-01-22 : Gang attack: braai erupts into shootout

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Gang attack: braai erupts into shootout
By Barry Bateman and Patrick Hlala

Armed men shot two men and terrorised guests at a braai during an attack on a Faerie Glen home at the weekend - the third attack in Nevada Street in six weeks .

Police spokesperson Inspector Anton Breedt said about 10 people were having a braai at the Nevada Street home when an unknown number of armed suspects entered the property.

"Shots were fired by one of the suspects which hit one of the victims in the right leg.

"The bullet passed through his right leg and lodged in his left leg near his knee.

"Another person was shot in the ankle.

"It is unclear at this stage why the suspect began shooting.

"The house owner's friend returned fire, but no one was hit," he said.

Breedt said the area was "closed down" by the police intervention unit on Saturday who arrested a 26-year-old suspect who was found in possession of a Browning 9-mm pistol.

"At this stage he is being held for possession of an unlicensed firearm but we are looking into the possibility that he was linked to the house robbery," he said.

On December 11, Jan van Rooyen, 58, of Couzyn, Hertzog and Horak attorneys was shot in the back and paralysed when armed men attacked his home while he was having a braai with family and friends.

Two weeks later, Albert Etsebeth and his family were attacked in a "military precision, terrorist-type armed robbery".

The gunman broke through a laminated glass door, pried open a security gate inside the house and then smashed down the doors to the rooms in which family members were hiding.

Etsebeth said the gunman fired about 30 shots inside the home.

Properties on Nevada Street border the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve, which residents claim is regularly used by suspects as an entry and exit point during robberies and burglaries.

Following the first two attacks, police said they had increased patrols in the area to clamp down on criminal activity.

The Tshwane Metro Police subsequently stepped up horse patrols in the nature reserve bordering the homes.

There was also a shooting in another of the city's crime-hit eastern suburbs at the weekend when a Menlo Park man was shot by armed robbers in his security complex home.

Hans van Dykhorst, who was shot in the leg on Saturday night, is recovering in Die Wilgers Hospital and is expected to be released on Monday.

He is fortunate. On January 1 Dr Cornelius de Klerk, 70, was gunned down in his 24th Street driveway during a botched hijacking and his brother, Nico, was shot in the arm.

Van Dykhorst's wife, Janine, said on Sunday they encountered the robbers in their Fairview home after returning from dropping off a guest.

She said the robbers panicked when they saw them and started shooting.

One of the bullets hit her husband in the leg, just below the knee.

"It happened so quickly. We are all traumatised," she said.

Van Dykhorst said they were lucky to escape with their lives.

"It could have been worse and we are thankful that no life was lost," she said.

She said police arrived on the scene a few minutes later but the robbers managed to evade arrest. The robbers escaped without taking anything.

"We are not sure how the robbers managed to gain access to the security village.

"One needs a remote control to open the gates," she said.

* This article was originally published on page 3 of Pretoria News on January 22, 2007
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