2007-06-21 : Letter : Why do we kill our own police?

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2007-06-21 : Letter : Why do we kill our own police?

Postby GOSA » Tue, 2007-07-03 09:14


Why do we kill our own police?
June 21, 2007 Edition 1

I have been a resident of Midrand for the past 23 years.

Two policemen from our local police station were recently ambushed and killed by criminals with an R4 assault rifle after responding to a burglary not too far from where I live.

This is very upsetting as it happened in my home town - Halfway House - which used to be a one-horse town when I moved here in 1984.

On June 25 last year, four brave policemen in Jeppestown were ambushed by about 15 criminals and brutally murdered.

There have been many more robberies and murders committed by criminals using not only AK-47 assault rifles but also R5 assault rifles.

Criminals are operating in gangs of between 10 and 20 men/women at a time .

The questions are: Who are these criminals, who do they work for and who is supplying them with R4 and R5 rifles to rob and kill?

Three robbers were recently killed and four wounded and arrested in Centurion by the police task force (which is a very highly trained and specialised unit), but the ordinary policeman does not have a chance against these criminals as they are always outnumbered and outgunned.

It is shocking to see how many policemen are being killed in the line of duty.

A few days ago, a detective was gunned down in front of a police station in Cape Town and, according to reports, he lay there wounded in the street near the police station for about 30 minutes before an ambulance arrived.

One Cape politician said anybody who killed a policeman was not only "an enemy of the state, but an enemy of the people of South Africa".

These cop killers are enemies of all the people of South Africa.

I am not a policeman, but I feel that anyone who kills police officers deserves a more severe sentence than jail.

T Risk, Midrand
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