ACDP : SAPS family murders using firearms

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ACDP : SAPS family murders using firearms

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Press Release
African Christian Democratic Party
20 September 2006

SAPS family murders using firearms

In regard to the recent spate of family murders by police officers using their weapons when off duty, the ACDP MP, Mr Henry Cupido asked the minister of Safety and Security the following questions:

1) whether secure facilities will be provided for police officers to store their weapons when off duty- what the position in this regard is- what will be the financial and logistic implications of such arrangements?

2) whether his department has taken any steps to minimize the recurrence of such incidents, if “not”- why?- if “yes” what steps?

When called upon to respond the minister of Safety and Security highlighted the following:

• He said firearm safes have been made available to police officers to store their weapons when off duty- this is in terms of regulation 79 and 80 of the Firearms Control Act 2000. (Act no 60 of 2000)
• He further outlined the financial and the logistical implications, with the following figures given: 70 000 safes to the value of R24 523 500 00 were purchased in the 2005/ 2006 financial year which were distributed to provinces.
• A further 43 358 safes to the value of R15 608 880 00 were purchased for the financial year 2006/ 2007 and are in the process of being delivered.

On the question of recurrence of such crimes the minister gave the following responses:

• Family murder is complex, with a lot of causes. This problem does not only occur with the SAPS, but with the general public as well.
• The SAPS does not have a programme to prevent family murders, but programmes to enhance overall well- being of individuals. This includes among others marital relationships, personal financial management skills, stress and trauma management- these we hope may contribute in the prevention of family murders.
• Relationships and financial problems have been identified as root causes for such homicides.

Henry Cupido, ACDP MP
083 275 7677

Steven Makhanya
ACDP Parliamentary Media Liaison
076 655 3028/ 021- 403 3307
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