ACDP Women of Destiny Free State Media Release

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ACDP Women of Destiny Free State Media Release

Postby GOSA » Mon, 2006-02-06 10:08

Firearms Control Act : Are Women left to their own devices?

As ACDP Women of Destiny in the Free State we were proud to be one of the hosts when Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gunowners Of America visited South Africa recently. We would, however, like to draw Minister Charles Nqukula's attention to the fact that we were never invited to have any input to his recent meetings on the Firearms Control Act. Women of Destiny would like to place on record that we are extremely disappointed by being excluded but not surprised as the Minister has excluded all those who see no future for governments fatally flawed unimplementable gun control legislation.

Women of Destiny would like to express our displeasure with the ANC government and their deliberate attempt to endanger the lives of women by disarming them with stupid and bureaucratic requirements of firearm licensing and relicensing. The Minister should be making it easier for women to defend themselves from rapists and criminals the government is incapable of capturing.

Criminals in South Africa rape and rob with impunity while the government invests in guaranteed to fail gun control. The SAPS are pulling policemen off the streets to make the ANCs disarmament legislation work. Thousands of officers every day are wasting time with bureaucratic impediments the ANC designed to frustrate and disarm firearm owners. Women of Destiny would like the Minister to tell us why citizens safety and security is of so little importance that police are chasing legal guns and paper-work instead of arresting criminals.

Incompetence is the only explanation for the ANC governments' complete failure to address the crime problem. Women in particular are singled out by criminals for heinous crimes while the government turns a blind eye to punishing crime. Preferring instead to invest billions in gun control and useless record keeping that prevents many thousands of officers from investigating and ensuring crime is punished. Women of Destiny hope that one-day the technology will exist that will enable the Minister to experience the horrors of rape so that he may take his job more seriously and stop messing with citizens lives and safety.

After one hundred and fifty years and many thousands of firearms control laws introduced throughout the world to reduce crime and the supply of guns to criminals. The list of successes should be long and illustrious. Where is the list?

Martha J Dean
Media Liaison : ACDP Women of Destiny FS
February 2006
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