2009-04-04 : BGOASA Media Statement

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2009-04-04 : BGOASA Media Statement

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2009-04-15 14:46

Media Statement: Black Gun Owners Association South Africa.
Abois Khoele: National Chairperson
Cell: 083 318 9417
Office: 011 972 0010

Given that it is a matter of public record that many -but not all-
members of SAPS are not exactly known for their professionalism,
efficiency, honesty, integrity, or respect for the very Laws they
supposedly serve. (Viz: Bluelight Bullies; Running Street Gunbattles
between SAPS and Metro PD). And that SAPS as well as Safety & Security
are also well-known to be less than generous with the truth.

It is therefore perhaps not entirely surprising that the BGOASA is
receiving countless reports that hundreds, perhaps thousands of people
are not being given receipts for either surrendering their firearms,
nor for their applications for re-licensing. Also that -to the best of
our knowledge-, SAPS is completely unready -perhaps reluctant- to
issue the documentation for- and failing dismally to inform the
general public of- their Constutional Right to apply for compensation
or SAP 300, (cancellation of license).

It is not entirely surprising perhaps that -by CFR's own admission-
over seven hundred and fifty thousand legal gunowners are still loathe
to 'voluntarily' hand in their firearms for destruction by the
authorities. The SAPS's use of the term 'Voluntarily' being in itself
less than honest as they are obviously intimidating the public into
surrender by threat of imprisonment and/or fines for non-compliance.

Apart from the plain fact that this current public disarmament
campaign is in clear contravention of section 25 of the Constitution
(Property Rights; Compensation thereof and Arbitrary Misappropriation
by government). As well as that the campaign is patently rendering
defenceless the aged, the infirm, the particularly vulnerable such as
the informal sector -and the disadvantaged.

It should be with these factors uppermost in our minds that we learn
of Con Court Judge Kate O'Regans reminder to the judiciary that the
threatened upcoming prosecutions of people failing to hand in weapons,
should allow, -as she puts it herself , "..for 'scrutinisation' of
the Law IRO unconstitutional and bad Law in S A". Furthermore that
"courts are given the awesome power to declare laws enacted by a
democratically mandated legislature to be inconsistent with the

By Gunfree South Africa's own admission, the Firearm (Confiscation)
Act "has little to do with reducing crime", (nor for that matter with
preventing many legal firearms from entering the illegal pool). Also
by SAPS's own admission; up to ten thousand firearms in police care
are apparently "lost' or unaccounted for over the last three years and
have no doubt been lost to this very 'illegal pool'.

Even if for only these few reasons, it is thus the view of the BGOASA
that the Ministry of Safety & Security and SAPS should give serious
consideration to placing at least a two year moratorium (as with the
release of crime stats), on arrests and charges related to so-called
'unlawful posession of a firearm' from after the June 30th 2009
deadline, until the constitutionality of the FCA is tested by the
pending cases concerning inter alia the Justice Alliance of South
Africa versus the Minister and Commissioner of Police.

After all, it has already been established as a principle in Law that
the ruling party compensates people who were forcefully removed by the
prior -apartheid- government from their land, now this very ruling
party are the ones stealing 'property' -firearms-, from the working
class people.

In Common Cause,
Abios Khoele
Chairman: Black Gun Owners
What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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