2009-10-24: Homeowner put up a fight against robbers

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2009-10-24: Homeowner put up a fight against robbers

Postby GOSA » Mon, 2009-11-16 14:50

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Homeowner put up a fight against robbers
24 October 2009, 08:09 By Alex Eliseev

It was a split-second decision between surrender and a mad dash to the
bedroom to fetch a gun and square off against a gang of robbers inside
his house. That moment, in which the father of two young boys decided
to stand his ground, paid off as the armed gang fled, only to be
chased by the police. One was shot dead and two were arrested.

As he sipped coffee in his yard three hours later, the ground littered
with empty casings, he was grateful that the "mini Beirut" that
erupted had ended without him or his family being wounded. The robbers
struck at the family's home in Fontainebleau, Randburg, around 6.15am
yesterday, sneaking in through an open kitchen door.

Two gunmen confronted the father, who was brushing his teeth and
getting ready for work. His wife was at the gym while the domestic
worker was helping his two boys - aged two and five - get ready for
school. In that instant, while the robbers were pointing a gun at him,
the father "summed up the situation" and dashed through the passage
and into the bedroom.

He got his pistol - which he had not used or carried for more than a
decade - and ran to the back of the house. "I was fortunate that I
could respond. They didn't expect it and it put them on the back
foot," said the man, who asked that his name and address be withheld.
The robbers had got their hands on an old Nokia cellphone and were
trying to get away. But the domestic worker, while escaping, had
locked the kitchen door and they were trapped inside.

Leaning around the front corner of the house, the father began firing.
The robbers fired back as they kicked the front entrance door in a
desperate attempt to get out. "I don't know how many shots I fired.
Fifteen? I emptied the whole clip and ran out of ammunition and went
back to the safe for more. I came back to find that they had gone."
The security gate on the door was mangled.

In his orange Crocs, the father stepped between the bullets - circled
in chalk by police - and expressed relief at the lucky end to the
intrusion. "It was an opportunistic crime. They threatened my family
and me. How more people weren't injured, I don't know. It wasn't a bad
outcome." The family believe there were four or five robbers.

Three got into a white Opel Corsa and sped away. It's unclear who
called the police, but they arrived within minutes and chased the
Corsa. Police spokesman Inspector Bokkie Keulder said the robbers
pointed guns at the officers, but couldn't shoot because of the bends
in the small residential streets. The cars reached nearby Robindale
and the driver of the Corsa lost control. The car swerved, crashed
into a wall and rolled onto its side. "Two guys jumped out and
started shooting. The police returned fire," Keulder said.

One of the robbers was wounded - he collapsed in a nearby ditch, where
he died. The driver of the Corsa was arrested and the third lay
trapped inside the car at the corner of Valley and Yvette streets. An
ambulance was called and the robber was pulled from the wreck. He was
taken to hospital under police guard. Keulder did not have
information on those arrested, saying only that they seemed to be aged
between 25 and 30. Police seized a firearm from the gang.
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