2008-06-30 : Letter

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2008-06-30 : Letter

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2008-09-05 12:41

Dear Editor

First we saw a stand-off, over the barrels of assault rifles, between
the Scorpions and the SAPS.

Then we see the headlines "Cops vs cops in gun battle" and
"Leopard-crawling to save my life" by Louise Flanagan, Lee
Rondganger and Alex Eliseev, on the front page of The Star.
And on Friday the trial of the disgraced commissioner of the SAPS
was due to start in Randburg.

Do we have a consensus that this is a disgraceful state of affairs,
that the rule of law in this country is under dire threat?

Do we have a consensus that the "heroes" of these disgraceful events
are the only South Africans who, according to the Gun Free SA
campaign - co-ordinated by The Star just over a decade ago - are
intended to carry arms?

Do we have a consensus that the shambolic state of policing in this
country is a by-product of a complete lack of parliamentary
oversight? That the Minister for Safety and Security ought to take
ministerial responsibility and resign?

Do we have a consensus that the Central Firearms Register, the
disgraced Commissioner of the SAPS and the Minister for Safety and
Security set an extremely dangerous precedent for the rule of law and
discipline within the SAPS by refusing to abide by provisions in the
Firearms Control Act that provided for compensation for surrendered

Do we have a consensus that taxpayers have a right to know how
chaotic affairs are within the SAPS and at the Central Firearms
Register? That a forensic audit of the implementation of the
Firearms Control Act is years overdue?

Do we have a consensus that The Star ought to start taking some
responsibility here for the outcomes of its campaign, and for the
later actions of the thugs in uniform that associated themselves
with that campaign? Is it not disgracefully late in the day for

B Nortje
What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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