2007-12-13 : Turning the tables

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2007-12-13 : Turning the tables

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2008-01-09 13:14

Turning the tables

December 13, 2007 Edition 1

In just 48 hours, a gunbattle between the police and marauding
armed gangs has left 14 suspects and a policeman dead. In an
incident yesterday, a police officer was among those who died in a
shootout between his colleagues and three suspects they tried to
apprehend in Yeoville, Johannesburg. The news came barely 24 hours
after 11 would-be cash-in-transit robbers died in a fierce
gunbattle with police at Hammanskraal, east of Pretoria.

That happened only a week after the police top brass - including
Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula- once again boasted
during the release of the latest crime statistics that the country
is winning the battle against crime. And it coincided with the
launch of Gauteng's Festive Season Safety Plan.

Now, in a country struggling to purge itself of the notorious tag
of being the crime capital of the world, the police should be
commended for their swift reaction against brazen criminals who
terrorise residents on highways and streets and in their homes.

This will send a clear message that behind the doors of the
national and provincial headquarters - and of dozens of police
stations across the country - the cops are beginning to win the
battle against crime.

And with that, more and more residents will, hopefully, begin to
regain their trust and confidence in the police. But most
importantly, more residents will also join those who have been
providing the police with crucial information that could lead to
the arrest of suspects.

After all, modern-day policing requires the involvement of more
than just the committed officers to get rid of criminals. It
requires a real partnership with the community.

But as the police continue to risk their lives protecting good
citizens, it is also important that their efforts be complemented
by an efficient criminal justice system that never lets criminals
walk free.

Indeed, the true test of a successful law- and-order policy is
whether it translates into prosecutions and convictions.
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