2007-12-11 : Caught in the middle of a car hijacking

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2007-12-11 : Caught in the middle of a car hijacking

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2008-01-09 12:15

Caught in the middle of a car hijacking
11 December 2007, 07:07

By Alex Eliseev

Neran and Shireen Maibchund were stuck in morning traffic on the
corner of Langermann Drive and Queen Street in Kensington.

Neran was driving his wife to work in the Johannesburg CBD and was
chatting to her about the appointments he had lined up for the

Suddenly he heard a loud "bang, bang" behind him.

The robot turned green and he threw his red Toyota Corolla into
first gear, trying to escape by turning into Queen Street.

As he worked the steering wheel, a bullet exploded his rear
windscreen and he pushed his wife down into her seat with his free

Behind them, a wild car chase was reaching its climax as Fidelity
security guards were hanging out of the windows, shooting out the
tyres of a getaway car. Some of the bullets were grazing their own

Maurice Mulaudzi, a security guard for another company, had joined
in the chase in his bakkie and was trying to force the robbers to

He could see that one was armed with a revolver, but had not had a
chance to shoot at the Fidelity guards.

The shots were ringing out and the Nissan Almera, with three of
its tyres blown out, could go no further. Riddled with about eight
bullet holes, it swerved left and stopped roughly where the
Maibchunds had been parked.

The suspects leapt out of their car, but the guards had already
surrounded them, guns poised.

Within seconds, the four men were handcuffed and forced to lie on
the road, face-down.

When The Star arrived, police had cordoned off the scene and were
searching the four suspects.

The drama began about 8.20am at Eastgate shopping centre, where
the gang had allegedly tried to hijack a car. Their attack was
foiled when they were spotted by the Fidelity security guards.

One guard was driving a quadbike and jumped off it to give chase.
A taxi driver in a metered taxi took him in and gave chase.

Another guard was in hot pursuit on another quadbike and arrived
after the men were apprehended.

But it was the guards in a marked Toyota Tazz who caught up with
the robbers.

"Congratulations, we need people like you in this country," one
bystander told the guards.

At 9.10am the four suspects were rounded up and loaded into a
police van.

Police spokesperson Captain Cheryl Engelbrecht confirmed the
arrests and revealed that some of the suspects were wanted for

The four will face charges of armed robbery, pointing of a firearm
and possessing dagga, Engelbrecht said.

Meanwhile, Shireen Maibchund told police that she was hijacked at
the end of August. She said she recognised two of the suspects as
the men who might have attacked her.

This will be investigated.

Police discovered that the Nissan was not registered as stolen,
but the engine number did not match the car.

* This article was originally published on page 2 of The Star
on December 11, 2007
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