2007-11-28 : Police are right behind project against violenc

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2007-11-28 : Police are right behind project against violenc

Postby GOSA » Tue, 2007-12-11 07:44


Police are right behind project against violence

This year marks the seventh year of South Africa's involvement in the 16
Days of Activism of No Violence Against Women and Children campaign, which
is authorised by the United Nations.

The South African Police Service continues to be committed to this cause.

This support is not limited to the assurance of supporting the drive, but
the SAPS is also legally bound by the country's constitution, legislation on
domestic violence and the Sexual Offences Bill to protect those who fall
prey to unwarranted display of force, women and children in particular.

As staggering as the cases of abuse may be, a laudable effort dubbed "break
the silence", which aims, among other things, to encourage victims of abuse
to report the perpetrators, has contributed positively to the increase of

These cases, on one-to-one basis, are submitted as evidence in court to
support the claim by the deponent and could lead to the conviction of the

If complainants are not content with the manner in which a case is attended
to or if no positive reaction is forthcoming from the police despite reports
of abuse, the complainants are encouraged to approach the station

Worthy to note about the 16 Days of Activism for no Violence Against Women
and Children is the ability of the drive to evolve with the times.

During the campaign's initial endorsement and launch, there was a general
perception that it was a cause which was fought by women only.

Some used this as an excuse to not become involved in the cause.

We are happy to note that this perception has, fortunately, been rectified.

Another notable change is that the campaign is now no longer seen as a
crusade that should only be fought for 16 days each year, but throughout the

Our current wish is to involve as many men as possible, who could play an
imperative role in deterring and exposing those who abuse women and

In most cases, as generally stated, men are propellers of abuse and it would
augur well if men can be mobilised to openly condemn domestic violence.

Domestic violence is, however, fuelled by firearm ownership by unfit men who
deprive women and children of their right to enjoy life free from fear,
intimidation, murder, etc.

In an effort to deprive these unfit individuals of their firearms, the SAPS
is involved in awareness programmes to boost the bid to put an end to
domestic violence and also ensuring that the Firearms Control Act No 60 of
2000 is implemented to the letter.

The programme is aimed at educating members of the public who may know
people who are in possession of illegal firearms that they should report
them to the police.

Furthermore, those that obtained firearms legally are not overlooked when
they use their firearms to terrify women and children.

That would be tantamount to dereliction of responsibility of firearm safety.

If such deviancy is practised by firearm owners, it rests with those around
the abuser to inform the police, who have the power to seize the firearm
from the abuser and institute applicable charges.

The community can contribute to curbing firearm violence and domestic
violence by reporting shots fired in their neighbourhoods, informing the
police if they hear desperate screams and by reporting scars and bruises on
children that might have been caused by abuse.

Alert authorities, do not just adopt a "none of my business" attitude.

It is about time communities detached themselves from archaic and false
societal prescriptions that allow men to have total authority over women and

It is incumbent on each and every individual to fight and expose domestic
violence in order to contribute to a safer and more secure South Africa for
all who belong to it.

Inspector Piwe Mbiko
National Spokesperson: Media Relations, Communication and Liaison Services, SAPS

Published on the web by Star on November 28, 2007.
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