2007-10-24 : Letter : Killing of Lucky senseless

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2007-10-24 : Letter : Killing of Lucky senseless

Postby GOSA » Tue, 2007-11-06 07:50

Killing of Lucky is one of many senseless crimes

October 24, 2007 Edition 1

She couldn't understand the stream of senseless deaths in this
country and while I agreed, I also reminisced about the wonderful
music that he wrote over his long career, a career shortened by
the greed and viciousness of the murderers who flout the law
because they know they can.

Early on Saturday morning, October 20, I received a call from a
very distraught Jabu telling me that her husband's brother had
been killed. He was shot 14 times.

She couldn't make sense of why anyone would kill an unemployed
man, a gentle soul, in such a vicious manner when the most they
would have got off him was a cellphone. Her heartache could be
felt with every word she spoke.

What does one tell a young woman whose future was supposed to
improve when Nelson Mandela became the first president of a new
non-racial South Africa?

How do I qualify black-on-black murders that take place in the
townships, most of which remain unsolved?

Of course the crime in this country is not only perpetrated
against blacks and also affects innocent people of all races.

People like Jabu feel their government has abandoned them. Their
despair is like a bad tapestry woven by broken promises.

They spend their weekends attending funerals and comforting loved
ones and neighbours. Their hard-earned cash goes to paying off

If President Mbeki interacted with the people on the ground he
would discover that the murders of his own people and the
protection of criminals in government has made him the most
disliked president in the history of this country.

Apartheid presidents were disliked for different reasons but not
for senselessly abandoning black people.

If the ANC want the vote of their own people in the next election,
they need to give them hope, examples of justice being done and
not just verbal promises. They need the arrests of murderers of
their family members and justice to be done, not files left

In short, the ANC must make way for someone the people can trust,
someone who will put away all criminals regardless of their
stature, and prove to people that they are working for them and
not for self gain.

Cilla Webster

Umkomaas, KwaZulu Natal
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