2007-05-08 : Letter : Swiss guns

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2007-05-08 : Letter : Swiss guns

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2007-06-06 07:57

The article: 'Armed and suicidal' of May 04, 2007 Edition 1 By Douwe Miedema is once again an assault on civilian owned guns. Switzerland has always been a shining example to us, of one of the most safe, civilized and law abiding countries world wide. Finland too. The main reason being that no foreign power is prepared to test the resolution of the armed, trained and well prepared militia that awaits any aggressor. No armed gang of robbers can hope to establish itself or survive for long, for the same reasons. Obviously, the international armies of paranoid gun grabbers who for some reason want above all else to disarm all innocent civilians world wide, find the Swiss example very embarrassing to their cause, as it proves how wrong they are. This article is just one more desperate propaganda stunt to try to discredit the undeniable facts by trying to link suicides to armed readiness. Suicides are a matter of choice. Terminally ill people choose it and in most countries suicide is not even a crime. Victims of crime have no choice in the matter and the vehement gun haters who pen these articles are hell bent in their mission of removing the only practical self defence option victims have left. Suicides will find another way, but what about the weak, aged and outnumbered? How do they find another way to defend themselves against armed crime once these fanatics succeed in their propaganda campaign and unwittingly empower our already privileged career criminals? What a pity dangerous disinformation such as this gets so much prominence in the media. Shame on them.

Adrian Louw
What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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