2009-10-25: Gun laws need another look, says Zuma

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2009-10-25: Gun laws need another look, says Zuma

Postby GOSA » Mon, 2009-11-16 14:51

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Gun laws need another look, says Zuma

October 25 2009 at 10:50PM

President Jacob Zuma has raised concerns about the current gun laws,
saying there are too many guns in South Africa, SABC News reported on

"This country which has such a high level of violent crime, has too
many guns in the hands of the citizens," he said at a rally outside Tzaneen
in Limpopo.

"We need to look at the law, whether we should all have guns."

Zuma said even people who had legal firearms could have them stolen by

"They [criminals] even take them from the police, so having guns so
much (sic)... We are actually helping armour the criminals," said Zuma.

The president also called on police to "act accordingly" when
criminals point guns at them.

"My view, which I'm going to canvass to everybody, is that once a
criminal takes out a gun the intention is simple... It is not to warn you...
It is to shoot you," he said.

"So once a criminal takes out a gun, the police must know that their
lives are in danger and they must act accordingly."

National police chief Bheki Cele is on record as saying police should
not die with their guns in their pockets, but instead "shoot to kill at

President Jacob Zuma has also previously expressed support for a
change in the law to allow police greater latitude to shoot in dangerous
situations. - Sapa
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