2009-06-17: SA firearm owners were too quick on the draw

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2009-06-17: SA firearm owners were too quick on the draw

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2009-06-24 10:20

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Thousands of South African firearm owners who have legally disposed of their
firearms could be on the wrong side of the law due to no fault of their own
by next month, a hunting body said on Monday.

Confederation of Hunters Associations of South Africa (Chasa) spokesperson
Neil Jones said many of its members and members of the public who were under
the impression they had "legally disposed of" their firearms could face the
possibility of arrest next month.

This related to the transitional period for the renewal of firearm licences
in terms of the new Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000, which would end on June

The national hunting body, representing 22 South African hunting
associations, said in a statement these people had sold their firearms or
given them to other individuals.

Chasa believed these "original firearm owners" acted according to the
Firearms Control Act by lawfully disposing of their firearms.

However, Jones said many were unaware that the situation had changed
regarding these firearms, especially where the new firearm licence
application was not yet finalised by Central Firearms Register (CFR).

The SAPS-539 storage permits issued and used by many of these firearm
owners, allowing them to legally store the firearms, would also become
invalid on July 1.

Jones said individuals in this situation, who had storage permits for sold
firearms until the new licence has been issued, could face prosecution if
they did not deal with the firearms in the correct manner now.

In an effort to address this problem the CFR announced recently that the
original firearm owners could apply for Article 21 Temporary Permits,
allowing them to put the firearms in safekeeping until the new owner's
application had been dealt with.

Jones said should the original owner no longer be in South Africa, or not
have the necessary safe to store the firearms, they must be handed to the
police for safekeeping.

As a result Chasa strongly advised its members and individuals to
immediately determine the status of their relicensing applications by
contacting their local designated firearms officer.

As from July 1 any firearm owner who was stopped at a roadblock, must
provide proof of his relicensing, otherwise the police could seize the
firearm, without a warrant, and hold it until the owner could provide proof.

Jones said firearm owners, who had not yet received their new licences,
should carry all the necessary documentation with them as from July 1.

Chasa also urged all firearm owners to stay abreast of the correct
procedures to prevent them finding themselves on the wrong side of the law
on July 1. - Sapa
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