2008-01-15 : Breast op saves woman from rape

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2008-01-15 : Breast op saves woman from rape

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http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1 ... 825C932653

A woman whose breast was removed to prevent cancer from spreading has
the mastectomy to thank for saving her from being raped.

During the early hours of Monday morning, Linda Watkins, her husband
Trevor and their 19-year-old son were held hostage by five gun-toting
men at their cottage in Chartwell, near Fourways, north of Joburg.

For almost two hours the family lay helplessly tied up - their hands
behind them and their legs bound - while the men tortured them, and
sexually assaulted and threatened to rape Linda.

The family's ordeal began just after 2am. Trevor said he was asleep
when the men stormed in. They ordered him and Linda to get onto a bed
and tied them up.

They then went to their son's room, pulled him out of bed, brought
him to his parents' room and ordered him to lie on the floor before
tying him up.

Four of the robbers ransacked the house, taking a cellphone, a
painting, credit cards, a revolver, a mirror and the keys to the
family's vehicle.

The fifth robber then began torturing Trevor with a hot iron, placing
it all over his body in a bid to get him to reveal the PINs for the
credit cards.

Trevor gave them the numbers and the men left, only to return a
second time to ask for the numbers again - a tactic Trevor believes
was to ensure they were getting the correct numbers.

They did this a third time before leaving the premises.

Prior to making their getaway, one robber threatened to rape Linda
until he noticed that one of her breasts had been removed.

"He kept putting his hand inside my vagina and telling me he was
going to rape me. I could not do anything to stop him. When he saw I
did not have another breast, he wanted to know what happened to it. I
thought he was going to rape me, but the missing breast bothered him
a lot.

"I think this is the reason why he did not rape me, and I am so
grateful for that. I was just feeling numb," she recalled.

Trevor said: "It was as if what was happening to us had happened
before. It was identical to a movie I watched a year ago. They were
shouting and screaming at us."

Linda said all the men had guns and ordered the family not to move.

"We did not make any noise. I was scared that if I tried screaming
they were going to shoot us. We had to comply."

Trevor said that after they left, he helped his wife to untie
herself, and she ran to the landlord's house to ask for help.

He said the incident had left the family traumatised.

"He even asked what would be the effect of cancer if he used a
condom. The fact that she (only has one) breast made him ask a lot of
questions. I still have all the images (in my mind).

"After all the trauma they put me through burning me with a iron,
they left the credit cards in the rubble," he said.

No one had been arrested in connection with the attack.
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