2007-11-28 : Hijacker shot dead on victim

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2007-11-28 : Hijacker shot dead on victim

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Hijacker shot dead on victim
28/11/2007 23:18 - (SA)

Francois du Plessis, Beeld

Johannesburg - A hijacker on Wednesday died on top of the woman whose Porsche he and an accomplice were trying to steal when a police reservist intervened.

The reservist also shot dead the other hijacker.

Elmarie Wypkema, 41, said: "The guy was still on top of me and we were wrestling with his pistol against my throat.

"Then I heard shots fired and his body suddenly went limp. He fell next to me."

She was describing the final moments of her encounter with an armed hijacker and his accomplice who were trying to rob her of her luxury sports car in a busy Johannesburg shopping centre.

Marc Ishlove, a captain in the police reservists who was sitting at Dam-A-Tra restaurant, saw what was happening and confronted the armed hijackers.

In a bloody gun battle, he shot the hijacker on top of Wypkema, as well as the accomplice who was seated, ready to roar off in her red Porsche Carrera.

Was pulled out of her car

The drama unfolded about 13:30 on Wednesday at Fir Drive Centre in Fairlands when Wypkema stopped there to meet a friend, Elsabie Annandale, and take her 13-year-old daughter home.

Annandale said: "Daniella (the daughter) was already in Elmarie's car with her schoolbags, and the two of us were chatting when two men suddenly loomed up at her side window."

She said one of the hijackers had pulled Wypkema out of her Porsche and the two of them were rolling around, wrestling on the ground.

"I ran into Carol's hair salon and screamed hysterically, 'Phone the police, phone the police'," said Annandale.

Meanwhile, the other hijacker had climbed behind the wheel of the Porsche, and ordered Daniella out of the car.

Daniella said: "He shouted loudly 'Get out!' and I just did what he said. I didn't look at his face."

Police spokesperson Lungelo Dlamini said the hijackers started firing when they saw Ishlove, and he returned fire.

"Several shots were fired and both hijackers were killed on the spot," said Dlamini.

The police took the two unlicensed 9mm pistols used by the hijackers.

Wypkema said while she waited for police to remove a hijacker's body from her car: "One doesn't actually think what's happening, you just hear everyone screaming.

Her attacker was the one shot

"When I heard the shots, I thought, now I'm going to die, but I didn't feel any pain.

"That's when I realised that the guy on top of me had been shot."

She was "very glad" that Ishlove had been at the shopping centre when it happened.

Dlamini said no one else had been wounded in the shooting and investigations were continuing.
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