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Postby Jack » Fri, 2008-08-29 12:19

When I first heard about the JASA pending court case and the resulting request for funding, I immediately thought about the inaugural meeting of GOSA in Cape Town attended by Larry Pratt of GOA. The look of astonishment on Mr Pratts face said it all, when the audience were asked to donate to GOSA, and one cretinous moron stood up and asked what he was getting for his R20. I was at that moment ashamed to be there, I can only guess what was going through Mr Pratts mind.

Mr Pratt spelled out quite clearly what the aims and ideals of GOSA were, what the ANC and GFSA were doing, their lies and deception, as he put it, “Well trained socialists.” Yet despite being given the heads up one clown asked what he was getting for his R20. It is because of this attitude which seems to be all too common among gun owners in South Africa, that quite frankly I can see all legal guns being confiscated by the cops and no compensation being paid out whatsoever.

I often hear gun owners say, “I will never hand over my guns to the cops,” or “I am not renewing my licences, neither am I handing anything in for destruction (to be sold by the cops under the counter)” How many of these brave souls are going to fold when the cops come knocking, how many gun owning brave souls will run to their aid, how many gun owning brave souls will fight? Sad to say, very few if any. Until guns owners in South Africa get a stiffer spine and decide to fight, and fight tooth and nail all of us are going to be disarmed.

Gone are the days of sensible dialogue, GFSA, the ANC and the cops are determined to take our guns away by any means possible, legally or illegally. This fight has always been a street fight, yet too many gun owners believe they can get government to see sense by talking. The time for talk is well past, the only way forward now is to take on the ANC head to head, toe to toe, get in their face attitude, because if you don't, you are in for a rude awakening.

I hate to say it, but I have no faith whatsoever in my fellow gun owners.

The choice is yours.


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