Bullard : The ANC hellbent on giving Africans a bad name

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Bullard : The ANC hellbent on giving Africans a bad name

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2008-03-07 07:48

The ANC seems hellbent on giving Africans a bad name
Published:Feb 02, 2008 Sunday Times, David Bullard

I´m sure the African National Congress is good at many things,
but running a country isn´t one of them. Before you write in to
complain that I hate the ANC, allow me to point out that in this
very column on March 2 1997, I was so enamoured of the ANC that
I wrote that I would vote for it if there were a general
election tomorrow.

So I don´t hate the ANC, but I do hate what it has become. I
look at Kenya and see precisely the same ingredients for the
cocktail of violence and mayhem there as I see here. It´s a
matter of time.

Far from the breath of democratic fresh air we had all hoped and
prayed for, the ANC has become a malodorous, toxic cloud of
corruption and greed.

When the ANC put in place such institutions as the Public
Protector and the Scorpions, I genuinely thought they intended
them to be the checks and balances of a sophisticated democratic
system. Now they are talking about disbanding the Scorpions and
the reason is plain for all to see; they have been much too
efficient and have fingered too many powerful figures.

The Mbeki government has been tolerant of fraud, dishonesty and
incompetence within its ranks. The ANC´s very own Amy Winehouse,
Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, is widely acknowledged to be
absolutely useless at her job, but she enjoys royal-game status
from the President and can´t be sacked. We can only speculate as
to the reason for this.

The ANC seems hellbent on bringing South Africa down to the
level of the rest of Africa. Despite their constant
protestations about "offensive African stereotyping", they are
doing a pretty good job of suggesting that Africans are
incapable of running a country.

Jacob Zuma, who has done for South Africa´s international image
what Borat has done for Kazakhstan, may well be the country´s
next president, despite facing charges of racketeering,
corruption, money laundering, tax evasion and fraud. His
supporters have already promised a bloodbath if the verdict goes
the wrong way and some of those supporters now hold high office
within the ANC.

In addition to the lamentable state of the party´s morality and
its fondness for cosying up to crooks and gangsters, there are
also more practical considerations to take into account. Thanks
to a lack of planning, we no longer have enough electricity to
run the country. Whatever Alec Erwin may say, that has to have a
negative effect on the economy. Not only will it result in job
losses but it can´t be tempting for foreigners to do business in
this country if we don´t have power.

Our main roads and pavements are in a shocking state of
disrepair with potholes now becoming craters. The reason for
this is simple: the money that should have gone on maintaining
what was a very good road network has been mysteriously
diverted. Piles of uncollected garbage decorate our traffic
intersections, our state schools and hospitals are an
embarrassment and the fight against crime isn´t helped by
knowing that the country´s top cop has been batting for the
other side.

Sometimes I think the good guys are in with a chance but then
something happens and I am reluctantly forced to change my mind.
It´s not so much "The Dream Deferred" as "The Dream Defiled". I
don´t know how this movie ends, but at the moment the bad guys
are definitely winning.
What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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