Wales : Welshman shot dead in front of children (in SA)

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Wales : Welshman shot dead in front of children (in SA)

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Welshman shot dead in front of children
Jan 8 2008

A British father of six has been shot dead in front of his family at his luxury home in South Africa.

Fred Picton-Turbervill, 46, was co-operating with robbers but was shot in the eye by one of the two men.

They escaped with four mobile phones, a laptop and around £80 in cash. Mr Picton-Turbervill was pronounced dead in hospital an hour later.

His wife, Ursula Picton-Turbervill, 41, has spoken of how they had previously agreed to co-operate with raiders if they were ever victims of a violent break-in.

The killing was witnessed by the couple’s traumatised young children, who are struggling to come to terms with the shocking event.

The attack happened on Saturday evening at the family’s fortified home in an affluent suburb of Pretoria, the capital of South Africa.

Businessman Mr Picton-Turbervill, who has two children by a previous marriage, ran a successful furniture company in Burnley before moving to the country in 2003.

His wife, a South African national, has taken refuge with her children, Samantha, 10, Bryony, nine, Natasha, six, and Gregory, three, at the home of a neighbour.

She now plans to sell up and return to the UK for the safety of the children.

“Fred and I had agreed that if ever we were attacked we would co-operate and let the robbers take what they want,” she told the online edition of South Africa’s Daily News newspaper.

“We did exactly that. We offered no resistance.”

She said that shortly after 10pm on Saturday her husband went to investigate after hearing dogs barking.

He came back saying: “Run”, she continued.

“I ran, cellphone in my hand, trying to usher the children in.

“One robber knocked the phone out of my hand with a gun, then he put the gun to my head, shouting at us to ’Sleep’.”

She said she told the children to lie down and her husband lay behind her with his arm around her. He begged the attackers not to hurt the children.

She said that then, for no apparent reason, one of the two men shot her husband.

“I just heard him say ’Oeff’, and his head fell against me. Then I felt his blood on the side of my body.”

She said the other robber pointed his gun at her, saying: “Money, money!”

“I thought I had to give them something, otherwise they may hurt the children.

“I got up and gave them jewellery and Fred’s wallet. Again they put the gun to my head and ordered me to ’Sleep’.”

She told the newspaper she then lay on the floor and waited for the men to leave.

Richard and Ann Picton-Turbervill, the parents of the victim, were still waiting for official news of the tragedy today.

Speaking briefly from their home in Bridgend, South Wales, Mrs Picton-Turbervill said: “We are waiting for more information. We have no further comment to make.”
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